Hampton Group

High-grade coal and commodities sourced responsibly, distributed globally

With export operations in Kazakhstan representing leading high-grade coal producers, and distribution operations in UK and Europe, we deliver metallurgical coal, steaming coal and iron ore to meet the urgent needs of industry and energy supply.

We are Hampton.

Sustainability is our priority

Our vision is to make a positive difference to those we serve and in the environments we operate, and to do so sustainably.

We aim to be environmentally responsible, to operate robust health and safety regulations and to support the communities which we operate.

Global products

We’re one of Asia’s fastest-growing mining, marketing, distribution and trading teams. We work end-to-end buying, selling and moving high-grade Kazakhstan-origin coal commodity products to global customers.

Metallurgical Coal

Met (coking) coal concentrates to meet global manufacture standards
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Low volatility and medium volatility coal for varied applications
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Steam Coal

D, KZh, KCN, GZh thermal coal with varying characteristics for diverse needs
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