Since its inception nearly 16 years ago, the Time Tailor has kept up with the ever changing world of broadcast television, and continues to be the only solution for both off line editing and real-time video time reduction. 

Content creators use the Time Tailor to reduce program run times to fit syndication requirements and to generate additional revenue by creating additional ad spots. Advertising agencies use it to trim down commercials that are too long to fit prescribed ad breaks.

The Time Tailor offers unique, proprietary solutions for offline and live to air requirements to optimize content runtimes. The award winning Time Tailor 3500 platform (TT 3500) is the heart of the Time Tailor family, providing the time optimization engine powering the Prime Image solutions. Suitable for post-production, production, and live-to-air applications, the TT 3500 provides maximum flexibility in how time can be optimized in media and broadcast operations.

The Time Tailor supports the following time optimizations:

  • Reduce time for HD or SD video program content
  • Expand time HD or SD video program content
  • Eliminate satellite transmission time delays in a live remote broadcast feed

Broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, post production, and other commercial program distributors can tailor the content runtime for their specific purposes while maintaining the quality of the content. The Time Tailor platform is a proven time optimization solution with 15 years history of generating high-quality results on movies, sitcoms, syndicated programs, and live broadcasts. 

Prime Image’s time optimization occurs in real-time without pre-recording, pre-processing, video compression, or compromising the integrity of the program, using a process that is virtually undetectable to viewers. The amount of additional time and the time duration over which it is added or removed is programmable through the Time Tailor product suite, third party edit controllers, or play-out automation system providing maximum flexibility for customers.

For Live to Air applications (Patented)

  • The Time Tailor is integrated into a customized automated playout system at the customer’s broadcast center
  • Playlists, ad insertions and as-run logs are automatically updated
  • Customer can opportunistically insert new advertising spots, breaking news, PSA’s in real time and manage to the clock without deleting program content (including live events or pre-recorded programs)

Elastic mode for Satellite Delay removal (Patent pending)

  • The Time Tailor is integrated into a customized automated workflow process at the customer’s studio
  • Time Tailor dynamically processes the required changes (time reduction/time expansion) in the video signal of the primary feed and the remote feed to minimize or eliminate the on air pause before the video signal is transmitted to the viewer.

Key features and specifications:

  • Reduce program Time by 2 minutes in HD, or 5 minutes in SD (standard)
  • Available options include up to 10 minutes of HD time optimization
  • Closed Captions (CEA-608 and CEA-708) processed frame accurately
  • Support for Dolby-E audio
  • Trim Mode – Special mode for time reducing short programs such as commercials
  • 16-channels of audio processing (embedded or AES/EBU)
  • Supports HD (1080i, 720p) and SD (NTSC, PAL) formats
  • RS-422 serial interface with optional remote control
  • 5 U rack-mountable unit

Options include additional Dolby-E processor(s) (up to 4 processors max)

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